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" Welcome to “Skills – Seeds of Knowledge to Instill the Learning of Life Skills”, the premier provider of after-school enrichment programme for young people in Pakistan. Skills was founded to serve the growing need of enrichment education for students of all ages and skill levels. We have a proven record of helping students enhance their academic performance, increase their self-confidence and develop presentation and critical thinking skills. We offer a superior quality of program content, teaching methodology and support services. Our comprehensive range of programs and services help students reach their full potential become better advocates for their ideas, develop strong persuasion and public speaking skills and ultimately feel empowered to speak well to a variety of audiences.
We believe that by instilling and nurturing the love of learning in individual students, we can promote their lifelong interest and enjoyment in academic subjects and the performing arts. "

Our Mission

Welcome to “Skills – Seeds of Knowledge to Instil the Learning of Life Skills”

We strive to develop and motivate students to reach their full potential by providing enriched and accelerated learning through the avenues of, Communication (Debate, Speech Impromptu and Public Speaking), Performance Arts and Designing Innovative Campaigns. Our goal is to increase students’ confidence, empowering them to become competent thinkers and leaders of the future.


Empowered students

Empowered students with a strong academic foundation excel at their academic and personal goals.


Empowered Students

Students with an enhanced love of learning go on to build communities of intellectually curious individuals.


Empowered students

Empowered students equipped with strong communications skills become better speakers, writers and listeners and succeed.


Empowered Students

Students having the encouragement of teachers and role models optimize their learning and maximize their potential.


Our Curriculum

⦿ The SKILLS curriculum focuses on creating active learning experiences for young people through role playing, group and partner activities, reflection assignments, journal prompts and discussions

⦿ It is a comprehensive program, covering life skills topics through fun, activity based lessons that teaches students skills like communication, decision making, goal setting, coping, respect, conflict resolution, integrity, problem solving, and more.

⦿ “Think Aloud – Speak Impromptu” Programme provides a platform for students to exercise their ability to express themselves fluently and confidently, using Debates and Innovative Campaigns.

⦿ Unlike other Debates Modules, we do not simply ask students to research, learn and present. Our aim is to help students to learn how to speak spontaneously with confidence, as they develop better presentation skills and critical thinking skills. We train them for the real life challenges, where one does not get the chance to research and rehearse. In order to succeed in life, one must develop the skills of effective public speaking, whether in the classroom or the board room.

⦿ Our students not only debate on issues, but also work in teams and design campaigns to bring about a change

⦿ Students shall examine environmental, social and spiritual crisis faced by humanity and learn how to become responsible, caring and productive citizens.

Communicating Effectively

Encouraging them to talk to you so they can tell you what they’re feeling and thinking.

Making Decisions

Encourage your children to make healthy decisions regarding their diet

Setting Goals

Goal setting also benefits children and students in many ways.


“Acting polite isn’t merely a formality”.


Playground has created a sense of community among the children despite they’ve suffered.


Encourage them that how to be a patriotic and loyal citizen of the country you live in.

Techniques for Addressing Bullying

Bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional and involves an imbalance of power.

Preparing for College and Career

We focus not just on whether students have learned material, but where it will take students later.

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